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Merit of the Partnership with

                                              the CIL Muchu

Meaning of working in partnership with the CIL Muchu


By supporting NPOs, Companies can contribute to society!

Companies have a responsibility to society.

Consumers and stakeholders are also watching what kind of attitude a company takes toward social issues.

As a non-profit organization, the CIL Muchu is working on social issues in the field of welfare.

Your support for us is a social contribution activity.

The CIL Muchu has unique strengths.

The Center for Independent Living has a philosophy that recognizes the existence of diverse people and a mission to build a society living with together.

We have established deep connections with the local community through active human exchange.

Over the years, the CIL Muchu has been working on social issues in cooperation with organizations for people with disabilities in Japan and around the world.


One example is the movement to create barrier-free transportation.

As a result of our working on the government, elevators and movable barriers have been installed in stations.

In addition to improving the environment, we have been working to create a city that is comfortable for everyone by changing the existing view of people with disabilities.

Supporting the activity of the CIL Muchu will surely improve your corporate image.

Companies should have the power to change society.

A company's contribution to society is not just to enhance its image or simply to make a profit.

The true purpose of a company's existence is to improve the quality of local communities and civil society.

In order to become a company that has the power to change society, it is effective to train employees and contribute to society through employee training.

I believe that we will become a company with the "power to change society" that is sought after by both customers and local communities.

Good effects to companies through cooperation

                     with the CIL Muchu


Ⅰ Improvement of Corporate Brand Value

Ⅱ  Creating Community Relations

Ⅲ Advice on reasonable accommodation and improvement of employee morale and motivation

Ⅰ Improvement of Corporate Brand Value

Through cooperation with the CIL Muchu, we can convey the image of being a responsible company in society.


SRI is a method of assessing how well a company is fulfilling its social responsibility in terms of investment.

How conscious of social responsibility does the company you are investing in conduct its business?

Communicating this to investors is an important point in gaining their trust.


We believe that a company with a strong awareness of social responsibility is more likely to be one that can improve its performance over the long term and on a sustainable basis.


In other words, as a company with a high level of awareness of social issues, you can build solid relationships of trust with investors and customers by improving your corporate image.

You can promote your initiatives to conscious consumers and shareholders.


We can also suggest cross-promotional opportunities for your company.

We may be able to help you consider marketing, display and other gimmicks related to your ongoing advertising campaigns.

The CIL Muchu has a diverse group of people and a diverse way of life.

In addition, the association with the CIL Muchu, which has a never-ending stream of challenging episodes, creates the added value of brand new story.

Ⅱ  Creating Community Relations

The CIL Muchu has always been active in exchange with the local community.

We are building deep connections.

Since its establishment, we have frequently interacted with local schools, organizations and businesses.

We organize seasonal "Shuttle Kids Fair" to interact with local people, open stalls at local events, exchanges at local elementary schools, lectures at universities and provide a wide range of services.

As we set up these projects, we continue to carry out exchange activities in the community.


With our expertise in supporting diverse lifestyles and interacting with local people, we can help you with your company's efforts through a variety of proposals.


Strengths of the CIL Muchu

1. Expertise in advocating for rights in the field of welfare.


2. Know-how of social changing activities that have been run by people with disabilities for many years.


3 NPO that are deeply connected to the local community and have been interacting with the community.


Building partnerships with these strengths will strengthen the ties between companies and communities and help businesses grow.


We hope to build a win-win partnership where we can both fulfill our missions by solving community problems together.

Ⅲ Advice on reasonable accommodation and improvement of employee morale and motivation

In April 2016, the Act for Eliminating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities came into effect.

As a human rights activists’ group, we have worked hard to ensure that this legislation is enforced.

Now the private sector is required by the Act for Eliminating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities to give reasonable accommodation to people with disabilities.

Reasonable accommodation is important for creating a society in which all people can live together.

For example, use written communication for people with hearing impairments.

Installing simple ramps to make it easier for wheelchair users to enter the store.

These simple, thoughtful actions will enhance your customer service and enhance your company's image.

These efforts are expected to be appreciated by customers and lead directly to increased sales.

By taking this kind of reasonable accommodations as a matter of course, we can give back to your business.


Because we are a support group for people with disabilities, we have accumulated a wealth of know-how that you can freely use all you want.

Moreover, we pursue services and facilities that are truly easy to use from the perspective of people with disabilities.

We have a lot of experience in the field of disability support, and we are always looking for ways to improve the services and business of companies.

Let's work together to figure out how to better align your company's services and business with the needs of all your customers.


Companies that make social contributions are also expected to improve the morale and motivation of your employees.

Therefore, we will do our best to improve your employee morale and motivation.


★ Corporate Social Contribution:

  Various ways to collaborate with the CIL Muchu

We’d like to give you a few examples of how you can work with the CIL Muchu.

What kind of social contribution can you make?


①  Liven up the local area as part of community revitalization.

For example, by organizing a local festival and bringing people together, a vibrant community is born.

When you meet new people and make connections with customers, your business will grow. 

You can promote your company's approach and provide an opportunity for each employee to contribute to society in a natural way.


 Through disaster prevention training and study sessions, we can learn about a society in which we live together.

By actually holding disaster drills and study sessions together with people with disabilities, you can get a clear picture of the society we live in.

Particularly in companies that target a wide range of customers, this can lead to improved employee morale and provide practical content in preparation for emergencies.


③ Advice on Reasonable Accommodation

In this day and age, companies are required to take reasonable accommodation of steps and space for customers to shop, eat and drink in the store.


In addition, it is also a reasonable accommodation to be able to guarantee information by various means when communicating with customers for business negotiations, product explanations, and exchange of contracts.


We can also provide advice on reasonable accommodation in corporate business, such as the ways to make reasonable accommodation, attitudes, and introduction of welfare equipment.


For example, when you are not sure how to accommodate a customer who is a wheelchair user or has a visual or hearing impairment, just ask us.

Also, when you are at a loss as to how a company should approach the hiring of people with disabilities or how to specifically consider the characteristics of workers with disabilities, you may be at a loss.

In such cases, please feel free to contact the CIL Muchu for help.


We can provide you with information and advice tailored to your business needs and from the perspective of people with disabilities.


Report on the results of cooperation with the CIL Muchu

We would like to notice more about the companies that have supported us and the details of your support through various media such as our website, annual reports, and newsletters, we will introduce you to our supporters and many others.


We will also provide you with a "project report" in the form you request.


For inquiries about corporate partnerships,

                                            support and collaboration

Please feel free to contact us at any time for support, collaboration and other inquiries.


    For example, here's what you can do

・You want to work with an NPO to hold an event.

・You want to provide training on disability welfare in your company.

・You are having trouble communicating with employees with disabilities.

・You want to donate surplus products from your company to a welfare organization.

・You want to create a community relations, but you don't know how to do it. 


                Please contact the person in charge below.

                We are looking forward to hearing from you.

                NPO Center for Independent Living Muchu 

                Attn: Kikuchi, Hamaoka

Oscar Dream 2nd Floor, 1-2-1 Shinkitajima, Suminoe-ku, Osaka City,  Osaka, JAPAN 559-0024



TEL 06-6683-1053

FAX 06-4702-4738




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