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What's the CIL Muchu?


There are 122 independent living centers in Japan and 1,000 around the world!

Have you heard of the Center for Independent Living?

Although still minor in the public mind, the Center for Independent Living is a place where people with disabilities can live alone in the community.

It is a place that supports the dispatch of caregivers, consultation in times of trouble, and the creation of friends and places to live.

The CIL Muchu is a center for people with disabilities, run by people with disabilities ourselves.

At present, there are 20 males and 10 females who use the center.

To support that life.

We have about 120 caregivers on staff!

Origin of the name of the CIL Muchu


We all have a dream, and we all want to follow our dreams.

It became “space with lots of dreams” (pursuing infinite possibilities like an outer space).

We put our hope that the friends who gather there will find a place to belong and self-actualize.




Independence in general is said to be doing things on your own, without the help of anyone else.


Our idea of independence be independent of one's parents once one reaches adulthood, regardless of whether or not one has a disability.


However, for some people with disabilities, it is difficult to be independent even after they reach adulthood.


The reason for this is because of the environment, lack of understanding from the people around them, and oppression from society, which makes it difficult for them to be independent.


In order to change this situation, it is important to explain to the parents of people with serious disabilities, to create a community where they can aim for independence, to secure caregivers, and of course, for people with disabilities and the people with disabilities in the community to understand the view of independence and the view of people with disabilities.


It is important that people with themselves and the people in the community understand the view of independence and disability, not to mention the importance of securing caregivers.

We believe that the very idea of independence will change.


We at the CIL Muchu believe that, instead of living a life under the control of the parents or in an institution, they should aim for an independent life (living independently in the community) while their parents are alive, pursue their own place, connect with friends, and show their parents and others around them how to live their lives.


3 important things in independent living

(1) Choose your own (self-selection)

(2) Decide for yourself (self-determination)

(3) Take responsibility for yourself



"Because of my disability" or "because I can't do everything by myself. "

"I can't work, I don't have the money," or "I'm worried about being alone."

In these reasons, are you giving up on independent living?


Independent living is you can do it if you want to do it! And we believe that we can do just enough to really think that we can do it.

And come and meet us, people with severely disabilities, who actually do independent living!



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