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We are Muchu members! We have on the IL movement. Lead on, every day!  

Muchu History

                                   HISTORY of the CIL Muchu

March 2002: Established the Center for Independent Living Muchu.

     The CIL Muchu was established to provide a place where people with disabilities can enjoy life            to the fullest.
     The city of Osaka entrusted us with municipal support services for people with disabilities, and            we started the dispatch of caregivers for the people with disabilities. In this way, we have                  created a system to support independent living.

April 2002: Opening of the Center for Independent Living Muchu.

July 2002: Started peer counseling for women by women.

November 2002: Mr. F (cervical spine injury) started his independent living program. This was the first case for independent living support of the CIL Muchu.

January 2003: National Action “Abolishing of the upper limit of the support cost system” in Tokyo

February 2003: Ms. M (cerebral palsy, the first independent person from an institution) started living independently.

April 2003: The CIL Muchu acquires the status of a non-profit organization.

The support cost system. Help Center Pit-in was established.


June 2004: National Great Action against integration with elderly care insurance system.

October 2004: National Great Action in a storm

November 2004: Osaka Midosuji Demonstration “Action against Grand Design”

February 2005: We started accepting the Duskin trainees from Cambodia.

April 2005: The Muchu Independent Living Seminar “Independent Living Movement and I”

September 2005: Opening of “the Space-Shuttle” as a workplace.

December 2005: Support for the “Taiwan Seminar for People with Disabilities” through the Asia Support Program.


August 2007: Participated in the Korean TRY.

October 2007: Action against “the Services and Supports for Persons with Disabilities Act”

January 2010: Acceptance of DUSKIN 11th trainees from the Philippines.

May 2010: Published the picture book “Take the Youkai (Racist demon) Barriers down!” with the president Hirashita brothers as the model.

June 2011: Participated in Asia TRY 2011 in Mongolia.

October 2011: 10,000 people gathered for the enactment of the Comprehensive Support for Persons with Disabilities Act.

July 2012: Project to Send Parties to the Stricken Area

August 2012: Participated in the Michinoku (North east part of Japan) TRY


January 2014: Japan ratifies the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

July 2015: Participated in ADA25 tour of the United States. (Every year we participate in since then.)

March 2016: Participated in Nepal TRY

April 2016: HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Congratulations on the enactment and implementation of Act for Eliminating Discrimination Against People with Disabilities.) parade at Osaka's Ougimachi Park

March 2016: Participated in Cambodian TRY

September 2016: One of the women's recruit and retention project, “Women’s Summer Camp" implemented every year since then.


July 2019: Completed and previewed “Independent Living” a documentary film about the independent living movement that the CIL Muchu helped producing.

January 2020: Theatrical release of the movie “Independent Living” begins.


Trivia! 【What is the Center for Independent Living?】


The Center for Independent Living (CIL) is the first organization in history that is both an activity group and a business entity, and is operated by the people with disabilities themselves!

In a society where it is easier to live for people with severe disabilities, there are good services that are easier for everyone to live in.

The most efficient way of providing services is for the government to support those who set up their own entities for the services they need.




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