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English version is below!!

映画のPRを引きつづきさせていただこうと、久しぶりに【 南港サンセット.tv 】へお邪魔してきました。そして今回も私の隣にはスペシャルゲストの岡田校長先生が来てくださり、一緒に出演していただきました!映画の魅力を共に伝えてくださる方々と再会し、やはり地域交流をしてきてよかったなぁとしみじみ思います。


Lead on!

We went to Nanko Sunset TV after long time to promote the movie!! Principal Okada came as a special guest again and to be on TV together. I met with people who shared the charm of the movie together and thought that it was good to have a local exchange and it was a joy. From now on, I want to increase the fans of this movie and think about what can be connected to the next generation.

Lead on!



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