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ENGLISH version is below!! 【朝は寒い…子どもは元気‼️今年1発目の見守り活動✨】

さぁ〜今年もはじまりました♪ 小学校登校時見守り活動✨


もう2年目になるこの活動✨ 地域にも馴染んで、登校路に車イスにのった夢宙メンバーがいる風景が当たり前になってきました❗️ 小学生も気に留めることなく、当たり前の顔で通り過ぎていく…

これこれ‼️ 夢宙はこれを目指してやってきたんです‼️


夢宙が地域の誇れる団体となるために、 これからも、いつまでも続けます‼️

【It's cold in the morning, but the children are in good spirits ✨The first safe guard activity of the year 】 Our activity, watching over the children on their way to elementary school, has started this year!✨ We wore the uniform of the "Shinkitajima District Senior Citizen's Association" and watched over the energetic elementary school students. This is the second year of this activity. We have become familiar with the community, and it has become commonplace to see the CIL Muchu members in wheelchairs on the way to school❗️ The elementary school students walked past us without paying attention to us...

This is it!

This is what we have been aiming for in our ministry. This is what we have been trying to achieve in our ministry and we hope to increase the number of scenes like this, so that when children meet people with disabilities in their lives, it is important for them to know a little bit about them ♨️. In order for the CIL Muchu to become an organization that the community can be proud of, we will continue this activity forever and ever.



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