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ENGLISH version is below!! みなさん、ご無沙汰しております! 夢宙センターがFacebookをなかなか更新しない間… コロナ対策を練りに練っておりました!

そこで運命的な出会い… 【ふんわりちゃんぽん大作戦】 に関わったことで、夢宙のwithコロナは劇的に進むこととなったのです!!


ひとつ…夢宙の問題点、 【窓がない…換気のできない会議室のコロナ対策】

大江医師&大江看護師にアドバイスいただき、 夢宙センターの会議室を改造してみました! この会議室は窓がなく外とは閉ざされた空間にありまして、コロナ以降使用を控えておりました。

まず、入口にアルコール消毒液を設置。 マスク着用を義務づけ。





これでやっと今後会議室を使用していこうと思います! つぎつぎと大江医師&大江看護師よりアドバイスいただいたコロナ対策に着手していきますので、みなさんにもシェアしてきます!参考になればうれしいです!

It's been a while, everyone! While the CIL Muchu doesn't update its Facebook page very often... We've been working on anti-corona virus measures! So, we got the fate of our encounter! [Operation Funwari Champon] (Funwari means soft, gentle, Champon means Nagasaki ‘s local noodle with various foods) Being involved in

The CIL Muchu's “With Corona virus” has dramatically changed! Dr. Oe and Nurse Oe, who was on the front line of the spread of the new corona virus on a cruise ship in Nagasaki. They come from a great ally, Japan Heart, to the CIL Muchu to help us with measures & they've been advised! One problem with the CIL Muchu... [Corona measures in a conference room with no windows... and no ventilation] Dr. Oe & Nurse Oe advised us. We've remodeled the conference room at the CIL Muchu! This conference room has no windows and is located in a space closed off from the outside. First, alcohol disinfectant was placed at the entrance of the conference room. Masks were required to be worn. The number of people was also limited to 8. (If the number of people exceeded that number, it was to be done at a different venue or online. The two doors of the conference room were opened and two large fans were used to create a flow of air. The round conference table was marked with a mark (“no sitting here”) for social distance. I put it in place. We also turned on the exhaust fan and made sure to use the air conditioner while keeping it ventilated at all times! Now we’re finally going to use the conference room in the future! We are going to take the measures against the corona as advised by Dr. Oe and Nurse Oe. And we'll share it with you all! We hope this helps for you!



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