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明日は、この対府オールラウンド交渉の2日目です。 「権利の実現」、「交通」、「教育」、それぞれの分野で熱い交渉が続きます!

【We're here for the all-round negotiations with Osaka Prefecture!】 It's a rally in these times, so first of all, make sure we're ready for the infectious disease control of the attendees in the hall, disinfection, temperature checks, and social distancing! In addition, many Muchu members supported the event remotely through YouTube feeds and Zoom This year's major theme is the "corona disaster". In order to make sure that those who were left behind in such an unbelievable environment are not left behind, there were sincere requests and questions about PCR tests, hospitalization, people in contact with high concentrations of new corona virus, and the care system. And today, the one who spoke up from the CIL Muchu was our Emi-chan! From the standpoint as a supporter of the Osaka Network for Questioning the former Eugenics Protection Law, she spoke for the victims who are standing trial. She also made a strong appeal to Osaka Prefecture to investigate the damage and make sure that the relief system is well known to the victims! Tomorrow is the second day of these all-round negotiations with the government. Hot negotiations will continue in the areas of "realization of rights", "transportation" and "education".



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