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ENGLISH version is below!! 【 ヒヨウさんに...やっと会えた〜っ!! 】




Lead on!

【We were able to meet Hiyou-san at last!】 In today’s afternoon, Ms. Hiyou, a Duskin trainee from Vietnam, and members of the Mainstream Association came to visit us, the CIL Muchu. Under the new corona virus outbreak, we had to postpone her training program that we had planned to accept in April. And now, finally, we get to meet them! It wasn't the usual large-group mingling, but we took measures to prevent virus infection, and we had a lot of fun. It was a warm and relaxing time for us. We're looking forward to her dreams come true of running an independent living center and make good access of buses and other transportation in Vietnam.

Right now, the world is facing new virus, and it's a tough situation to deal with. But Ms. Hiyou spent a long period of time at the Mainstream Association, meeting and learning from them. She is more and more motivated to put this into practice when she return to Vietnam! The most impressive thing about her was her powerful and cute smile!

We'll see you in Vietnam next time! Thank you so much for coming to our center. We promised that next time we would all have a drink together and talk about it. At the end, we had taken some pictures with her, our peace and smile posing. Lead on!



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