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The CIL Muchu is a Good Workplace for both Women and Men!

We are committed to Work-Life Balance!


​★It is registered in Osaka prefecture as a good place for men and women to work.


​★It has been certified by Osaka city as a good place for women to work.

The CIL Muchu supports the Work-Life Balance for our staff!

And we support the advancement of women.


●Many of our employees use the maternity and childcare leave system.

The work environment for women is excellent!

We welcome those who have gone through childbirth and child-rearing to play a more active role.


●We don't discriminate based on gender roles.

The CIL Muchu does not impose “gender roles” on work!

Regardless of gender, those who can do it can do it voluntarily and independently, adapt their work to the situation at the right time.


●We value the diversity of gender and sexuality!

The CIL Muchu respects individual values.

Although “the same-sex assistance for physical care” is a general rule, we face our staff as a human being first, and talk to her/him as a human being!



We have been certified by the Osaka City as a good company for women to work. (2019.3-)

We have been registered by the Osaka Prefecture as a good company for women and men to work. (2019.6-)

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