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Philosophy of the CIL Muchu


We are not alone.

We have a bond of

friendship that makes us

strong, kind and also fun.



     In order for people with disabilities to be able to live with dignity in the community,

      we must have the strength to do so.


     In order for people to help each other in the community,

      we need to be kind to others.


     In order for people to live their once-in-a-lifetime lives with a smile,

      we need to have fun.


    The philosophy of “PLACE” to be ourselves

                           with independence and connection.


    People who have been through hard times in a tough environment

      have had their own choices respected.


     When they know that they are not "alone" among their peers,

       they really do get better!


     The Center for Independent Living Muchu was established to be such a place.


     We continue to move forward with our activities today with the aim of

       creating a society where no one is left behind.

- What is our image of society we aiming for?

The CIL Muchu is a place where all people can live the life with dignity and peace of mind.

We aim to create a society where people can live as we are and support each other.

- What are we going to do to achieve our goals?
Our mission is to create our society for living together where no one suffers from discrimination, and values diversity.
- What should we focus on in our activities?

The CIL Muchu's activities are focused on people with disabilities.

In order to build a discrimination-free society and build gentle people and town, we believe it is important to stand at the view point of people with disabilities from diverse backgrounds.

- What do we promise to do in our activities?

CREDO (Our spirit)


We're striving to make the CIL Muchu heartwarming place for everyone.    


We value independent living in the community, where each person's choices are always respected.


We continue to give the voices of people with disabilities to build a society where no one is left behind.


We value the interaction with local people in order to live independently in the community.


In order to build a diverse society, we are committed to connecting with people from various regions and different fields, including local governments, educational institutions, companies, and domestic and international organizations.


Our joy is to bring smiles to the faces of people living in difficult circumstances and those who are feeling hard to live.

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