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The Day Care Center



Space-Shuttle was launched as a base for independent living for people with disabilities.

By interacting with everyone in the community, we aim to create a society in which people with disabilities can live enjoyable and in our own way.


We decide what activities we want to do.

And it's because we overcome difficulties on our own,

we can gain the real experiences that lead to self-realization.

The CIL Muchu has a place for people with severe disabilities.

This is a day care center called "Space-Shuttle".

Unlike general day care center or workshop, it does not perform fixed light work.

We have to think about what we really want to do so that we can do the activities we really want to do in our own way, we are working on it.

We make our own decisions about what we do...

We wonder how to get to where we want to go, how to meet up with.

And what shall we do if there are steps or stairs?


The members of Space-Shuttle solve the problem by ourselves.

In this process, we can gain lived experience.



Variety of  "Space-Shuttle"'s activity


Shuttle Kids Fair

The Shuttle Kids Fair, a festival for children is planned by people with disabilities, is designed to help people with disabilities think of ourselves as just like "funny & elder brothers and sisters" rather than stereotypical image of as a group of people with disabilities.

The Shuttle Fair, is held every year by about 300 children from local elementary schools and nursery schools.


The Shuttle Kids Fair, Spring, summer and fall!

Anyone, feel free to come and visit us!


Elementary School Exchange■ 

Elementary school exchange 

We go to the elementary schools and gave a hands-on lesson.

We have a time to play and learn together.

We have enjoyed this exchange with children in many schools over the years.


Safe Guard Activity for Children

In the local elementary school district, Shuttle members, together with members of the senior citizen's association, regularly participate in watching over children to ensure their safety when they go to school.
We also carry out many other community-based activities.
These daily activities are part of our commitment to inclusive education.


The Role of Space-Shuttle


We have been invited to teach at universities, colleges, and other institutions.

We are working to change their stereotype of people with disabilities by having the parties tell our own histories. And we are also going to new kindergartens and elementary schools to interact with the children.


Shuttle Communication


We will make Osaka a better place to live through the Transportation Committee and tag event in the city.


We sell drinks, snacks, and cup noodles in Space-Shuttle.

Yoga classes, baking bread, eyelash perm, and eyelash perm

and other events…We hold such classes on a regular basis.


Shuttle Company


Shuttle Culture


SAC(Shuttle Action Club) 


Enjoying with Kids 


We go to local elementary schools, daycare centers, etc. to interact with children!


Newspaper  "Catapult"


We create a newspaper to introduce our activity.



Event Planning 


Barrier-Free Surveys


We plan and execute events for everyone to enjoy and community interaction!


We are conducting a barrier-free surveys of shops in Suminoe Ward. We would like to expand the survey to the rest of Osaka City in the future.

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