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Let's have an enjoyable party!


Let's Have a Party with us! 

Let's drink, eat and chat with the Muchu members! 


A social event for everyone (usually the first Saturday night of the month) where everyone is welcome to come.

The "women's party" (usually on the third Saturday night of each month) is a women-only social event.

We have a regular group of fun friends, about 20 or so people each time.

We'll all cook and eat dinner together, play and chat to our hearts content!


People with disabilities, students, helpers, and children from all walks of life.

We'd sit around a good meal.

We're building a fun community!


Everyone is welcome to attend without registration.

Please confirm the date of the event. (Please contact the CIL Muchu : 06-6683-1053)


We look forward to seeing you all there!

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