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Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education

Believing that undividable education will create the future of a society for living together.

Inclusive education, to put it simply, everyone has the right to grow up together, and they have more fun together than ever.

“Because of they have their disability.” “Because they can't keep up with studies.” “Because they can't do the same things as everyone else.” “Because in the general school, it’s a lack of good environment.” “If something dangerous happen for them, and we’d be in the trouble.” 

As a result, the world has also filled with the prejudice that people with disabilities are something else just because they are disabled.

As a result, our society has full of prejudices that people with disabilities are different from others.

...and it's very frustrating for the discriminated against.


Being divided into majorities can also lead to living uncomfortable in a society without diversity.

We see the first separation as the beginning of a lifetime of separation, and we see it as a problem that if you take separation for granted when you are child, you will continue to do so for the rest of your life.

That's why we go to nursery schools and elementary schools to meet them.

Since the CIL Muchu has established, we have been doing these activities because we want everyone to feel that we deserve to be there from an early age.


In order to further power up our inclusive education activities, we have recently established the inclusive education team called “Inclu-kuru-kuru”, which holds meetings to help build a better society in the future, plans study groups, and is involved in training elementary school teachers and thinking about how to build relationships with schools.

I get excited every day thinking about how to interact with children in order to create a world where it is natural for us to learn, play and grow together!

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