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Disaster Prevention &

      Support for Disaster Areas

My life, and the lives of my dear friends,

we will protect both absolutely.


▲We raised funds to support the victims of Typhoon 19.

We live in a world where some disasters occur every year, so that not a year goes by without a disaster, and we hear many voices asking for support for the disaster area.

At the time of the Great East Japan and Kumamoto earthquakes, we dispatched people and supporters to the affected areas and held fundraising campaigns. We have also held emergency fundraising campaigns for areas affected by heavy rains and typhoons.

Data shows that people with disabilities are less likely to survive a disaster than able-bodied people. This means they are what is called "people vulnerable to disasters".

That's why we are trying to increase our disaster preparedness to save lives,

especially in times of disaster, and to ensure the safe evacuation and rescue of as many people as possible, as follows.

・A workshop on protecting lives is held every September within the CIL Muchu.

・Participate in local disaster prevention drills as wheelchair users.   

・Participate in local disaster prevention group meetings and events.

・Establishment of a disaster prevention team.

Disaster prevention starts with community interaction! 

We build relationships where we can talk to each other at first. We believe that this will lead to mutual protection of each other's lives.


▲Disaster drill with local people


▲Learn how to survive!

Group work with a disaster prevention map.


▲Muchu staff serve as speakers at a disaster prevention seminar.

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