​International Support & Network

Just as our movement helped people of all ages,

including those raising children, the elderly, and travelers with suitcases when we installed elevators in train stations,


so a true mutual aid and movement for human rights will spread not only in Japanese society, but on a global scale.


International Support & Network


Since its establishment, the CIL Muchu has been traveling to various countries with international support in mind. In this way, we have met our colleagues in severe poverty and other difficult circumstances. We have also connected with comrades in Nepal, Cambodia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Taiwan, and South Korea, which has always been an inspiration to us. We are expanding the independent living movement beyond our country, devoting our lives to our friends. This network is the Asia Kokorozashi (Spirit) Network.


The United States inspired by this network in July 2017, they joined forces and decided to create a global network. This is the World Independent Living Network (WIN).


In recent years, we have had more and more opportunities to receive visitors and training from other countries.


Thai government officials, including welfare ministers and experts, came to visit us. We also welcomed professors and students from a university in U.S. In this way, we receive requests from all over the world to learn about Japan's advanced model of independent living.


As a fellow Asian...

We are not in a position to provide unilateral training and support, but rather we are empowered and encouraged by the struggles of Asian leaders with disabilities. As an Asian organization of people with disabilities, and as people who are making a difference in society, we are working to support them as equals so that the movement for independent living can spread to other parts of the world.


Important friends from overseas

 who have been connected with the CIL Muchu




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